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Welcome, I am Deanna Storfie of Acting Up! Drama and I am a Christian drama ministry based out of Southern Alberta, Canada. I love to tell the stories of ordinary people whom God used in some extraordinary ways. Real people from history like: John Newton, slave trader turned minister, hymn writer and abolitionist. Elizabeth Fry, mother of eleven children who fought for prison reform for women and their children. Corrie ten Boom, who survived a Nazi concentration camp by the grace of God and went on to travel the world with a message of forgiveness. George Muller, a minister of deep faith who rescued countless orphans, providing both physical and spiritual care. Discover their stories and more…

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  • The Key to Sinking or Swimming

    Have you ever been asked by God to do something that was beyond your own abilities? Where you could quite easily feel as if you might go under and that this whole ‘stepping out in faith’ might just be for the birds? At times I have, but I have learned something from the lives of Corrie […]

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  • Acting or Speaking in Public: Two Habits to Avoid

    Are you being asked to speak in front of people? Perhaps it’s to share your testimony or a message in church; act in the Christmas or Easter play or just recite scripture? Are you nervous? When people are nervous they tend to speak very quickly. NOT a good idea! You may speak quickly just to get it […]

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Category: General1:00 pm: Lethbridge Correctional Center, WOW Program

1:00 pm: Lethbridge Correctional Center, WOW Program
May 20, 2017
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