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Acting Up! Drama


An Interactive Drama Experience: Performing Parables & The Basics of Drama

LENGTH: Anywhere from 40 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. Length is flexible to suite your event.


This is where the audience gets to act up in these inter-active reader’s theater style skits. I provide the scripts, costume & props and the drama instruction (the 10 Basics of Drama). You provide the victi – I mean, volunteers and space to bring to life some of the parables of Jesus.

The Pharisee and the Tax Collector (Luke 18:9-14) Humility in prayer.

A good church-goer and an infamous pirate decide to pray one day. What is it God is looking for when we pray?

The Persistent Widow (Luke 18:1-8) Persistence and confidence in prayer.

How does a poor widow get justice when she is robbed and the judge doesn’t care? Will her persistence pay off?

The Two Sons (Matt 21:28-32) What is obedience?

This is the story of two daughters (relax, the meaning is the same). One does the right thing while the other only gives ‘lip service’.

The Rich Man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31) We are blessed so we can bless others.

All the latest gadgets are what the rich man has and he shares none of his wealth with others. By comparison Lazarus barely survives on the garbage thrown to him. What happens to the two in eternity?

The Great Feast (Luke 14:14-26) Do we have time for Jesus?

A man prepares a great feast and sends his servants out to notify his guests but they are all too busy. Instead, the poor, the lame, the blind and, maybe, even a few pirates will be there!

The Unforgiving Debtor (Matt 18:21-35) A look at the importance of forgiveness.

Bob the Barber owes the king a great debt but when he is completely forgiven, he is unable to show the same forgiveness to someone else, who owes him much, much less.


The 10 Basics of Drama are skills that every actor knows and uses. I love to teach them to groups, young and old. This is a fun way to learn some great communication skills, which are:

Voice – Projection, Clear Speech and Expression

All good actors know that they need to work on their speaking skills. Easy to do when you know how. Developing good communications skills are confidence boosters.


Becoming – Eye Contact, Body Language, Character, Costume & Props

The key to any great skit or play is understanding what’s involved in ‘becoming’ a unique character. This is the fun part!


Mechanics – Memorization, Stage Direction and Rehearsing

These are the ‘mechanics’ of any skit or drama to make it polished and professional.

Once your group has been introduced to the 10 Basics they can have fun with PERFORMING PARABLES or any drama you want to perform.


“It was so great to get the audience involved because they stayed focused. It was also a wonderful inter-generational event. I feel we had fun and remembered the point. We love using Acting Up! Drama.”  Central Church of Christ, Lethbridge, AB

“It was such a pleasure working with you in a setting where people can take themselves a little less seriously. You were a blessing to the ministry leaders that came, making the evening relaxing and fun.”  Pastor Harry Unger, Southern Alberta Evangelical Free Pastor and Wife Dinner

“This was a great way to make our Sunday morning service special. We so appreciate your gifts and talents and it’s always a joy  and pleasure to have you here. Thank you for your willingness to spread the gospel and reach the lost through the art of drama.” Prince George City Church, Prince George, BC

“A flock of sheep. A grape vine. A radiant bride. Jesus used common visual images to convey important spiritual truths to His followers. He also told stories of lost coins, lost sheep and lost sons. Through her gifting, Deanna Storfie takes those kinds of images and stories and brings the Bible to life.”  Pastor Brent Miller, College Drive Community Church, Lethbridge, AB


"Such large crowds gathered around him (Jesus) that he got into a boat and sat in it, while all the people stood on the shore. Then he told them many things in parables..." Matthew 13:2&3 "Now the tax collectors and 'sinners' were all gathering around to hear him. But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law muttered, "This man welcomes sinners and eats with them." Then Jesus told them a parable..." Luke 15:1-3