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Bringing to life, for the church, stories of faithful Christ-followers of the past...
to inspire Christians today, to walk in their own God-given gifts and purpose, ON PURPOSE.

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Written and Performed by Deanna since 2003

Drama's Length: 45 minutes

Ordinary to Extraordinary: 
The Story of Gladys Aylward

What happens when an ordinary English house keeper feels the call of God on her life?

Extra-ordinary things, that's what!

Gladys Aylward's  life was so full of adventure that Hollywood made a movie about her in 1958 called, The Inn of the Sixth Happiness. 

Testimony: "Thank you for sharing Gladys's story with us. Her life was an example of how God can use anyone who is willing to be used to further His Kingdom. Praying the Lord will continue to use your ministry.        Francie Munchinsky, Missions' Committee,  Erindale Alliance Church, Saskatoon, SK

Light in the Darkness: The Story of Elizabeth Fry

Written and performed by Deanna since 2006

Drama's Length: 45 minutes 

Daring to go into one of England's most notorious prisons during the 1800's would be daunting for any man, but for Elizabeth Fry, mother of eleven, this was something she knew God was calling her to do!

So, she obeyed and for twenty years the light of Christ burned brightly in that, otherwise, dark place.  The lives of thousands of women inmates and their children would never be the same.

Testimony: At our recent senior’s Luncheon, Deanna Storfie master-fully transported us to another time …to a cold dark English women’s prison in the 1800s.
A natural story teller and gifted actor, Deanna’s whimsical dialogue and playful humor brought the brilliant ministry and legacy of prison reformer, Elizabeth Fry, to life before our very eyes! 

Everyone left the performance solidly encouraged that if God was present for hurting people in the darkest places of a bygone day, he will most certainly be with us in ours.
I cannot recommend Acting Up! Drama highly enough!

Jerry Orthner Pastor to Seniors, First Alliance Church, Calgary.

Written and performed by Deanna since 2007

Drama's Length: 50 minutes

Impossible Faith:           
The Story of Corrie ten Boom

Corrie ten Boom is a Dutch woman who finds herself a prisoner in Ravensbruck, one of Hitler's extermination camps during WWII. 

She was part of the Dutch Underground, along with her sister, Betsie. The drama takes us into the darkness of a concentration camp where the light of Christ still burns brightly. 

Testimony: "Lots of tough life situations that encouraged us to keep on in our own faith. The Scripture from Romans 8:35 used in the drama about 'who can separate us from the love of God' was powerful!!"  Pastor Rich Phillips, Prince George Pentecostal Church, Prince George, BC

Written and performed by Deanna since 2011

Drama's Length: 50 minutes

He's Alive: The Life, Death and

Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Some thought Jesus of Nazareth to be a prophet and a teacher, while others were convinced He was deceiving the people with his healings, miracles and teachings. 

To the poor, the sick, the lame, the blind and those who recognized their own sinfulness, Jesus became their only hope, until He was betrayed and crucified.

However, three days later, Mary of Magdala, a follower of Jesus,  would realize that the grave could not hold the Son of God!

Testimony:  We had Deanna come for our two Easter services. It was amazing! It brought the gospel alive for our people and went so well with the baptisms we were also celebrating!   Pastor Shane Spannagel, Richmond Hills Baptist Church, Calgary, AB

Written and performed by Deanna since 2011

Drama's Length: 50 minutes

An Orphan's Christmas: The Story of George & Mary Muller

In the 1800's, orphans posed a real problem on the streets of Bristol, England.


With no one to care for them their only options for survival were the workhouses, factories, begging or stealing on the streets. 

Until God called George and Mary Muller to do something about it!

Testimony: Thank you for sharing your gift of drama, once again, and sowing the seeds of the gospel in our community.  The story of George Muller was such an affective way for people to see and hear about God's love, especially at Christmas!    Melanie Robertson, Outreach Committee , Calvary Baptist Church, Sunshine Coast

Written and performed by Deanna since 2016

Length: 50 minutes

Amazing Grace: 
The Story of John Newton

This is the story behind the famous hymn!

A blaspheming wretch of a man works his way up in the most lucrative, but inhumane business of trading in human lives.

...until he encounters the amazing grace of God and his life will never be the same.  

Testimony: Deanna Storfie, is an amazing actor and storyteller.  Our 'Edmonton and Area Ministerial' had her presentation of John Newton at our Christmas lunch, and we were touched and impressed, with how she brings alive these amazing stories of our Heroes of the Faith. I highly recommend 'Acting-up Drama' for the many ways these presentations entertain, but most of all, present the Gospel. Pastor Eve Bassett, Abundant Life Ministries, Edmonton and Chair of the Edmonton Area Ministerial Association (E.A.M.A)

Transforming a Culture: The Story of William Carey

Written and performed by Deanna since 2017

Length: 50 minutes

In the late 1700's foreign mission work was almost non-existent. Protestant churches were more involved in doctrines and theology than in the Great Commission. 

However, a poor cobbler turned minister, named William Carey, from England, answered God's call to go to India, a land steeped in superstition, demon worship, and human sacrifice as women were burned alive.

Carey was convinced the Word of God, translated into their language, would bring light into a dark world. He was right, but it would come at a cost to the Carey family. 

Testimony: "Deanna's one woman play about William Carey and his associates in India is a moving recounting of the pioneer missionary’s endeavors. She gives due weight to the key points in the story and portrays, honestly, the tragic outcome of life in India for Carey’s first wife, Dorothy. Deanna’s portrayal resonates with authenticity and inspiration."               Dr. Axel Schoeber, Professor of Supervised Ministry, Carey University 

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